Thursday, January 20, 2011

Talk slides ...

The slides I have used in support of my talks last year, are available at the following links:
legal_codes_2010.pdf - 1.2 MB
ml_ipr_cnc_uom_2010.pdf - 497 KB
legal_remedies_for_esi_and_pf_issues.pdf - 404 KB

The first two were under the auspices of the Department of Legal Studies, University of Madras, and the last was at DOMS, Anna University. The most significant constitutional challenge of the times is about having more open societies, where the citizens actively participate in governance. This theme is also elaborated at Various computer programs and codes help in achieving this, and the first talk takes a look at how legal codes have evolved historically. The other talks take a look at coding from various perspectives.

Older talks:
calpp_ai_at_kec.pdf - 267.1 KB
calpp_ai_sjce.pdf - 472.7 KB
calpp_nlsiu.pdf - 286.0 KB
foss_licenses.pdf - 274.8 KB
tml_unicode.pdf - 634.2 KB


My thanks to for making the above file sharing possible.