Sunday, October 27, 2013

Venus, Australia, Moon and Earth

An article titled "Did Venus Give Earth the Moon? Wild New Theory on Lunar History" has been published recently at  Earth's moon is suggested to be a present from Venus.

My thoughts on the theory.

By some ancient accounts, the Moon was positioned between Rohini and Revathy constellations.  It was always 'full moon', bright and shining, probably a planet whose orbit was between Earth and Venus.

About 40,000 years ago, massive volcanoes must have erupt on Venus in the Ishtar Terra region, blowing a mass the size of Australia into space. Let us call this mass as 'Australia' - it impacts Moon driving it closer to Earth, as a result of which the Moon is captured by Earth's gravity.

'Australia' also orbits around Earth for some time and then crashes into Earth, east of Japan around the equator. 'Australia' settles down as Australia covering Earth with dust and debris for at least 1000 years.

Entry impact from north ...
skids and settles down

This catastrophic chain of events is very well recorded in Indian puranas and texts.

The Shiva Purana portion dealing with Daksha Yagam narrates how the Moon was wedded to Revathy and Rohini, and then later 'cursed' to spend equal time with other wives, the 28 constellations, and also to wax and wane as a punishment. For a brief spell, Moon turned completely dark and later settled down in its present orbit around the Sun, along with Earth.

'Australia', orbiting Earth, is probably described as 'Tripura' – the third.

It may also be the 'Kurma' - the boar shaped one that emerged anew on the face of Earth after the great deluge.

The debris from Venus impacted several parts of Earth. The bits which fell in India are sanctified and preserved intact as 'Shakthi Peetams' till date.

Venus is recorded to have a 'beard' or 'horn' that is not observable today. The Venusian horn must have made its way to Earth – as a gift to admirers here, knocking Moon into its present orbit on its way!

[1] has images of Ishtar Terra and details of volcanic activity on Venus. Ishtar Terra appears quite flat and resembles Australia.

[2] “Why are Things the way they are”, G. Venkataraman, 'Height of Mountains' pp. 62-67

[5] The Chronicle of Mangadu Temples, Dr. P.S. Somasundaram